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Pedodontics is the part of dental surgery dealing with children cares.
Pedodontics asks psychological qualities and know-how and some dentists are became pedodontics specialized.
Real cares can be performed from 4 years old.
But it is better that the child comes several times for trivial checkups in the surgery than waiting for necessary cares to come there. In that way dental surgery and all people working in are not allied with bad memories.
Why ?
Whatever are the received informations about dental surgeon, if the first coming is for a toothache, even in the case of unaching cares, it will be stucked in child's mind an aching memory allied and merged less or more with dental cares.
The same principle has to be applied to dental hygiene.It is better to begin toothwash very early when child is at imitation parental stage.In that way good habit will be picked up without the constraint side that child could feel later.
The first deciduous tooth erupts at six months old.
It is the central incisor left or right.
This is also the first to be replaced by the permanent central incisor at six years old.
At four years old every deciduous tooth is on the dental arch.
At six years old behind the last deciduous tooth the first permanent molar erupts, it is called the six years old tooth.
At six years old the child has 4 permanent incisors and 4 permanent molars.
At height years old the permanent lateral incisors replace the deciduous lateral incisors.
From 10 years old to 12 years old the deciduous molars are replaced by the permanent premolars, and deciduous canine are replaced by permanent canines.
At 12 years old every deciduous tooth has disappeared and the second permanent molar erupts behind the first one. It is called the 12 years old tooth.
At that time child has 28 permanent teeth and the last 4 molars to come from 18 years old.
The dental eruption of deciduous tooth creates slight pains, local gingivitis, and flushing cheeks.
The dental eruption of permanent tooth is more often painless except for the last molars( wisdom teeth ) by lack of space.
The toothwash may begin as soon as the first deciduous tooth erupts.
It is better to avoid dummy and the thumb sucking should stop before six years old.
In case of late in the eruption, it is better to consult to detect sooner missing permanent tooth and prevent consequences.
If the tooth are in a very anterior position it is necessary to consult.
Many facts can create such a trouble as sucking, non typical swallowing, case of speech therapy.Sooner these facts are treated better and faster is the result.
Taken as a whole, permanent teeth are larger than deciduous teeth. This is the reason for spaces between deciduous teeth. It is of good avail.
At the opposite tight deciduous teeth is synonimous of future clutter and crosswised teeth.
After a bump on a deciduous tooth, often superior incisors, the tooth becomes black and there is a dental pulp necrose.
In that case it is necessary to consult to know if the permanent tooth is threatened.