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temporo-mandibular joint

Temporo-mandibular joint troubles may create various clinical signs.
- buzzing or ringing noise in the ears.
- muscle aches.
- opening or closing mouth difficulties.
- headache.
- crack or scratching during mastication.
These troubles may have many different causes as bruxism, stress, accident, arthritis, growth trouble, non fitted dental prosthesis, unphysiological natural tooth or non replaced tooth.
These troubles can disappear with simple treatments as relaxing muscular exercises trying to find comfortable position with closed lips, upper and lower teeth spaced.
Alimentation must not need strong contraction of mastication muscles.
Mastication muscles massages may be efficient too.
If the trouble remains the same it is necessary to consult.
Dental surgeon can have to remodel dental surfaces or recommend the wear of an occlusal splint to release muscles.
Patent medecines may be used too.(against inflammation, myorelaxant, against stress)
The unresolved cases may be surgically resolved (rare). to go back to reception click here