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If you suffer for a tooth you have to consult a dental surgeon.
But if pain comes in the middle of the night how manage it?
Try to know if pain comes with cold or hot water in mouth.

A )
If pain comes with hot water maybe cold water will ease.
You can also try a plastic bag with ice cubes inside and put on the cheek on the side you suffer.

B )
If pain comes with cold water you can crush a clove and stick together with a crumb of the loaf and a tiny drop of alcohol and fill or lay around the tooth with that.

C )
If pain is not modified whith cold or hot water, try to know if you suffer when mouth is opened?
If you don't suffer then you have a pressure sensitive tooth.
In that case bite on a handkerchief or keep the mouth slightly open to avoid pressure on the sensitive tooth.
If you still suffer mouth opened then you have to take antalgic medecine.
You have to use an antalgic that you used before for yourself and about you are sure it is not contra-indicated for yourself and with a dose under the usual dose.

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